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At The Story Studio, you will learn the art of storytelling, as taught by some of the most accomplished storytellers across the country. We provide friendly, expert training to help you turn the most meaningful events of your life into unforgettable narratives.

Classes and Events - The Story Studio


Storytelling for Performance

This class is primarily for people who currently perform or hope to perform on stage, and will help students learn and improve their storytelling skills and practice their craft.

Class schedule coming soon.

Storytelling for Business

This class is for people seeking to enhance their business communication skills and learn how to use storytelling as a tool for influencing, elevating messaging, fostering connections, boosting sales, and more.

Class schedule coming soon.

Storytelling for Personal Growth

This class is for people preparing to speak at life events such as weddings or retirement parties, as well as individuals looking to boost their confidence in social settings, including those for whom English is a second language, or those attempting to overcome shyness.

Class schedule coming soon.

Advanced Storytelling Classes

  • Advanced Storytelling: This class is open to all who have completed a workshop at The Story Studio, and helps students work toward mastering the techniques they have already learned and practice crafting and refining stories.
  • Finding Stories: This class is open to experienced storytellers who are looking for new ways to develop material for true, personal stories.

Class schedule coming soon.


We periodically offer webinars on targeted subjects for storytelling for both performance and business. Past webinar subjects have included storytelling for sales, how to navigate stage fright, storytelling for PowerPoint and presentations, and finding stories.

Webinar schedule coming soon.


What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? is a carefully curated and facilitated social event where you learn the basics of telling great stories and try out what you’re learning in groups and pairs. A host guides the activities in an encouraging atmosphere. What’s Your Story? is about practicing your social skills while making new connections. You’ll have a great time and you might just come away feeling a little more charismatic with a lot of new friends! If you want to meet new people in a way that feels fun, easy and effective, What’s Your Story? is the event for you.

April date TBANew York, NYTicket link coming soon

Video Courses

Want to learn storytelling from anywhere, at your own pace? Try one of our video courses below.

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